In a normal summer morning when I woke up, I was drinking my morning tea on the balcony and thinking that I should do something more with my life, try something special, move out from my comfort-zone. And I got a word in my mind “Erasmus”. I checked my possibilities and found Hamburg. I was dreaming of living abroad all the time, but I was just too afraid to jump in. That time I just got the courage and applied for Erasmus and for my best semester ever. Yes, I was freaking scared of everything like “how can I live in another country without any language, info etc.” but I left Budapest. It was my best life choice ever, already in the first day I made life-long friendships. I tried a lot of new things and we were always doing something good like bicycle trips, boating, fairy-park, international nights, roof barbecues, picnics, museums, concerts and much more activities.


Robi experience


We traveled a lot to many cities and countries and just enjoyed our lives like never. Learnt many words in many languages like I know “cheers” in almost every language. I’m never going to forget those memories what I got during my mobility. Unfortunately, we had to go back to home after 5 months but we still have reunions and meet regularly. I can only recommend you. smiley

-Robert Toth, Obuda University