Finally the day was approaching. That awaited Friday, when we left Budapest to visit Hungary’s beautiful neighbor Croatia.

2017.03.31. – 2017.04.02. Velence team building weekend with ESN SZIE


Previous happenings:

One of our biggest event got a big success. It’s Hungarian Night where we showed to our students, how Hungary really is. Students arrived as hungry as they could and had a good dinner together while our stories were told to each other. We are glad that we could welcome students from ESN IBS and ESN Semmelweis too. After the delicious Peasant-breakfast, Goulash soup, Paprika-potato and desserts We asked some questions about Hungary and we realized that everybody knew a lot of things about us already.

I remember my first travel of my life. It was a scary night the day before, couldn’t even sleep. Then I went to the meeting point 2 hours earlier because I was too excited at 4 in the morning. I got a chance for a school project in Torun, Poland. I stayed 10 days in that beautiful city, what will always be in my heart. On those days, I decided that I will always travel, and I will see everything in the world. It’s not the main point what I saw and what I did during my trips, It’s the feeling what I can’t really express but I’ll try.

The Welcome Orientation week started from 8th of February. Students who has arrived were so excited about our programs. At the first day was the getting-to-know games, when we had so much fun, and started make life-long friendships. We were happy to welcome you.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! heartkiss

In a normal summer morning when I woke up, I was drinking my morning tea on the balcony and thinking that I should do something more with my life, try something special, move out from my comfort-zone. And I got a word in my mind “Erasmus”. I checked my possibilities and found Hamburg. I was dreaming of living abroad all the time, but I was just too afraid to jump in. That time I just got the courage and applied for Erasmus and for my best semester ever.