Need to know

How is the Hungarian grading system?

In Hungary the best grade is 5.

Hungarian Grade


ECTS Classification


Excellent – outstanding performance with only minor errors



Good – generally sound work with a number of notable errors



Satisfactory – fair but with significant shortcomings



Sufficient – performance meets the minimum criteria



Fail – considerable further work is required

F, Fx


Who are the buddies?

Every incoming students like you get a local student who is always there for your help. You can ask your buddy any kind of questions she/he is going to know the answer or the next step to solve your problem for sure. The buddies also take apart on the events and help you to fit in this new environment, to get more friends and to have a great time in Budapest.


What is the NEPTUN system?

Neptun electronic administration system

The Óbuda University uses the Neptun.Net electronic system to manage all administrative matters related to registration, courses, exams, tuition fees and stipends. The system is used by all students as well as administrators and lecturers throughout the university. With Neptun students can

  • modify their personal data;
  • access information about courses, study requirements, exam dates and locations;
  • sign up for their courses;
  • sign up for their exams;
  • check their grades;
  • send and receive messages to and from lecturers and adminitrators;
  • pay their tuition and other fees;
  • send feedback about lecture(r)s.

Each student admitted to the university will receive his/her Neptun code and password from the study office.
Before accessing Neptun all users must generate a network ID. To do so, go to and click on Registration for new users („Regisztráció új felhasználók számára”). Here you can generate a network ID with your Neptun code and password. If you have problems with registration or have questions, contact the buddies!

Students can access Neptun via internet if they have at least Internet Explorer 7.0 or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 browsers. To log in, go to

With their network ID students can also use the wi-fi on campus, download softwares, send and receive emails.

Students can only access their own data. For security considerations IT IS VITAL THAT EVERYBODY KEEP THEIR PASSWORD SECRET.

With matters related to your studies please consult the faculty’s study office. If you have problems concerning courses and exams, turn to your department’s administrators.
If you have a problem that neither the department’s nor the faculty’s administrators can fix, contact your buddy, or a student assistant in your faculty.


How to use public transport in Budapest-BKV?

The monthly Budapest pass for students costs 3450 HUF (about 10 €) and you are able to use any bus, tram, subway, trolleybus, etc. (BKV offers you even boat service on the Danube).

What do you need to have this pass?

Only the number of your student card if your country is the member of the European Union. And no worries if it is not, you are going to get your new student card from the Student Office so you can use that number to get your Budapest pass.  

Timetable of BKV services:


What is ESN card?

The ESN Card is your Erasmus and Exchange student card. With more than 50.000 emitted in two years, this card is the reference in Europe for the new global student generations. With the ESN Card not only you'll be able to obtain discounts throughout Europe, but you also will have access to information, culture, mobility, traveling and much more.

The ESN Card allows you to enjoy cultural programs, restaurants and bars, trips, guided tours and many other things just for being a student who is doing an Erasmus or Exchange Programme. Thus, the ESN card is a means that allows you to know the country which welcomes you, its customs, its culture and its life style.

But the advantages of ESN Card reach further: while being abroad you'll be able to enjoy the advantages of the country you've chosen to study. Therefore, whenever you come to Budapest you'll have the possibility of enjoying everything we offer, but if you travel throughout Europe you'll also profit from the discounts in every Europe ESN section. And all this during a year, just thanks to the ESN Card.