I remember my first travel of my life. It was a scary night the day before, couldn’t even sleep. Then I went to the meeting point 2 hours earlier because I was too excited at 4 in the morning. I got a chance for a school project in Torun, Poland. I stayed 10 days in that beautiful city, what will always be in my heart. On those days, I decided that I will always travel, and I will see everything in the world. It’s not the main point what I saw and what I did during my trips, It’s the feeling what I can’t really express but I’ll try. At my first day of my first trip I was totally amazed, I was walking in the city, and thinking “Ohh man, you lived only one place, and missed a lot of chance to see the world, feel this freedom, why? Because you were afraid” I changed on that day. Started dreaming, planning where I can travel, I want to see and try everything in my life. But I didn’t know how I can do it, my friends didn’t want to come with me, I didn’t have money I said to myself, don’t have time so on. And Realized, “Hey are you crazy? You’re afraid again? You don’t need millions to go somewhere, you can give some time to yourself, and you can go alone – what actually much better, you’ll get many new friends during your stay – ” So I booked my ticket to abroad – of course I regretted at that moment – But later when I went, something amazing happened, the same thing, you feel that you can do everything you want, you’re free. You’re not afraid of anything anymore. And my roommate at the hostel invited me to a pub crawl, what was awesome, made my first international friends and we’re still friends. Once you get into an international environment, you won’t leave it. Because it’s the best thing ever. I have many more cool stories and I’ll tell you later but now I can only say that Mobility is my lifestyle and I’m proud of it. I hope you’ll experience it also.

-Robert Toth