Dear International Students.

I kindly invite you to the fröccs international drinking competition Organized by ESN Óbuda University.
Fröccs is a drink, which contains soda&wine.
We are looking for the Froccs queen or king of the night!
Join us, and be the winner of the night.
Good possibility to meet new people, practise language because i am sure after the 16th glass of Fröccs you will be able to speak in Japanese also :)

About the competition : 3..2..1 .. and GO - as you hear it you can start drinking ! 2 people/team fights against eachother, the faster wins, the rule is "table to table " . 
The winner fights against eachother again and again, until we find the next Queen and King!
The competition is not coeducated ! 
Girls drinks against girls, and boys against boys :)

Informations coming soon!

16/03/2017 - 18:00 to 23:00