Let us introduce our next event of the Semester, the Hungarian Dinner. Our team is ready to introduce you the best Hungarian dishes, traditions and the Hungarian way of partying. 

One of our programmes will be the „Hungarian Wine-pong”. Pre-registration is required!!
♦ Teams will consist of 2 PEOPLE, so get ready and TEAM UP!
♦ There is no signing fee 
♦ To SIGN UP for the tournament please POST YOUR NAME AND NAME OF YOUR TEAMMATE here on the FB event.
♦Capacity is limited! 
Maximum 16 teams (32 people) will be enrolled!
♦The winner team will get a small prize

Ticket Prices: 

Location: Tavaszmezo street 17, "G" building basement

Come as hungry as you can. There will be soup, at least six types of main courses, several side dishes and salads and tons of dessert.
Be prepared to overeat yourself with the delicious foods that are served, but apart from the extra weight, you will only gain good memories from the occasion.:) 

See you there! :)

Main organizer: Barbara Panczel

02/03/2017 - 18:00 to 23:00